My Camino

My Camino – on beginnings and motivations

I seem to always remember beginnings rather then ends. When a great idea is born, when inspiration strikes, when the first step is in motion, when a change starts to take place. Beginnings are full of promises and sparkling with hope and faith that the course of events will take the most beautiful turns. Full of lust for life.

I remember how the idea of doing the Camino was formed. It came suddenly, on an early spring afternoon, spent lazily over 3 cups of Himalayan tea in a bookstore. You know, conversations with friends sometimes give food for thought. :)

Later that same day, I started reading various articles written by people who had already done it (and pictures, videos, forums, etc.) and what had been kindled, transformed into a fierce fire.

In no time tickets to Barcelona were bought. The clock started ticking. :)


The Way to Santiago

When I took my credential from the first albergue I walked in, the hospitalero asked me for the reason behind my Camino. I think this can rarely be summarized in a word or two, and I seem to believe some of us realize what to answer in the course of the journey itself (probably that is why they ask you again at the end – before your Compostela is granted).

We are privileged to meet all sorts of people on the Camino. Some are looking for, others are escaping from. And just like life, the way is full of choices. Where to begin and where to stop. To take it slow or to put your limitations to the test every day. To indulge in the surrounding beauty or to focus completely on the final goal and be oblivious of what is in between. To be open or to spent some silent time with yourself.

And so on and so on. It is a personal journey and as much as the luggage we take in our backpacks is important, the one we carry in our minds is much more significant. This, too, is a matter of choice.

So I wish everyone on the Camino to take care and think not only about the items they choose to carry in their backpacks, but also those they keep within. Because I found traveling light much more enjoyable. Either way.

Buen Camino!