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Camino Day 13 – Olveiroa to Finisterre (Part 1)

The last stage of our Camino – from Olveiroa to Finisterre is for me the most picturesque and inspiring part of the whole Camino. This statement, of course, is largely subjective, as I am deeply fond of the sea/ocean in every season and weather. Though, I am sure no one can remain untouched by nature’s beauty if he/she walks this particular part. It gives immense sense of freedom and I am greatly thankful that we chose to finish our Camino by walking all the way to Finisterre. The decision came quite naturally at the time, and, as it seemed, for a good reason. :)

Camino Finisterre

On the way to Finisterre

How do Camino de Santiago albergues look like?

Some of the Camino de Santiago albergues through my eyes.

More information about albergues here.


The garden of the albergue; it was nice and quiet, lots of trees heavy with apples and clothes horse heavy with laundry


First meeting with albergue bedrooms; then I found it crowded; after the albergue O’Cebreiro, I’d say it is almost intimate



Ready to explore the village & in front of the lovely albergue. Recommended.


We arrived! Albergue Ave Fenix at the front.


Albergue – bedroom – Villafranca del Bierzo


YES! We’ve made it to the albergue! O Cebreiro.


No privacy here. O Cebreiro

Albergue A horta de Abel

Albergue A horta de Abel from the outside. Triacastela.

Albergue A horta de Abel

Each room had its own bathroom – what luxury :) Triacastela

Albergue A horta de Abel

The room was really stylish and accommodated only 8 people

Albergue -Casa-Barbadelo

My favourite albergue. Barbadelo

Albergue -Casa-Barbadelo


Albergue -Casa-Barbadelo

Albergue Casa Barbadelo

Gonzar Albergue

Albergue Casa Garcia Gonzar

Albergue O Cruceiro Melide

Albergue O Cruceiro – front view. Melide

Albergue O Cruceiro Melide

Albergue O Cruceiro Melide

Albergue O Cruceiro Melide


Santa Irene

We’d met this one several times already :) Santa Irene.

Santa Irene

The albergue. Santa Irene.

The Last Stamp Albergue

Some cute details in the albergue. Santiago de Compostela.

Santiago de Compostela

Inside The Last Stamp albergue


Albergue El Carmen. Negreira.

How do the Albergues look like - Albergue Horreo

Albergue Horreo. Olveiroa.

Camino Day 12 – Negreira to Olveiroa

To begin with, this was a looong day. 33 kilometres to Olveiroa. I do not think I had been as exhausted as I was that day when I was crawling towards the albergue.

The night was peaceful and the day started very quietly, something you can enjoy only in albergue rooms as slightly inhabited as ours. With only 8-9 people available and fresh air coming through the window all night, it was quite a refreshing experience. We had coffee con leches with some sort of croissants. I am not usually particularly hungry at that time of the day, but these sections of the Camino (from Santiago to Finisterre) are not only less crowded in terms of pilgrims, but the distances between villages can be substantial, especially if you are used to the French way, offering so many possibilities. So fewer villages, and, what’s more, many of them did not provide eating possibilities, supermercados, or anything like that. So, it’s a very very good idea that there is something nutritious in your backpack when walking the Camino Finisterre.

Leaving Negreira

Leaving Negreira before dawn